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One fish, two fish...


This is my fish blog.

I'm 21, work at a petstore and love all animals.

I've recently taken a huge liking to fish, and you will hear all about that here.

Presently I have but a small ten gallon with a handful of glofish, 2 otos and 2 albino corydoras.
I'm restricted living with the parents, but I've got some saltwater and larger freshwater
planted tanks planned (gonna need a place to move that giant radican sword!)

The tank looks haggard right now because I just planted the dwarf hairgrass about a week ago.
Obviously I'm going for the carpet look and I can't wait for it to fill in.
I've got two marimos in the tank and the radican, of course. The white ribbon is gonna have to go.
It came with the driftwood for some reason, but being non-aquatic, I might anchor an anubias there instead.

Anyway, that's about all I have going right now. Follow me if you enjoy fish as I do :)
Happy reading.


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