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Well much to my dismay, I ripped all my DHG out of my tank. I saved the stuff I bought from PetSmart because it was running like crazy, but the majority was from eBay and it was dying off like crazy and polluting my tank.

Oh well. I jumped into planting my tank before I really did any research and just planted in the now that the DHG is temporarily out I'm going to replace the gravel with a laterite/flourite combo asap. The sword is still growing like a weed and the new watersprite has doubled in size in the week or so that I've had it, so hopefully they'll do even better with new substrate (and I can have a more natural-looking tank floor).

I may ditch the DHG all together and go for a chain sword or dwarf sag though. I'll keep the DHG around for my betta tank, but the chain swords and dwarf sag look more like the true "out in your front yard"grass that I want.

I've ordered some java moss too. I'm goint to try to create a moss wall for the background since the black paper just isn't doing it for me.

I'm also re-vamping my fire bellied toads' terrarium and the java moss will go in there as well.

I ripped the white ribbons off the driftwood I bought and I'm going to plant them in the terrarium too. I'm excited for payday already...two new projects to keep me busy!!


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